An Authentic Leader’s Strength and Wisdom Come From Within How many times have you witnessed leaders demonstrating strength, focus and what can only be described as wisdom that seems almost effortless? Think of that one mentor or leader you look up to and see if these qualities are there. Among other great characteristics I am […]


October 21, 2014

Leadership is an Inside Job

A quick query on the internet yielded 300 celebrities or notables that have taken their own lives in the last 70 plus years. This does not include the drug overdoses that have taken at least a hundred celebs over this same time period. Some would say those were accidents. I say those are suicides also. […]


August 18, 2014

Suicide. Why? Really, why?

Listen on iTunes or click here to listen now. ‘As A Man Thinketh’ Would you like to know how thoughts create your reality and ultimately your life? You can have as many as 260,000 thoughts or more go through your mind every day. There is nothing else that you do that compares in quantity. […]


August 16, 2014

Thoughts and Reality

An issue from Liz’s blog that many people wrestle with. Would love to hear your opinion.  Originally posted on Liz Skajem : My whole life I have struggled with my religion. I really don’t have any good answers as to why my brain has such a hard time just choosing something to believe in and […]


August 6, 2014

My Struggles With Religion

Do you consider your self of average intelligence? Smart? Brilliant? Genius? How about in relation to your cat or your dog or other animals? Questions about our intelligence are not usually asked in this way because we have conditioned ourselves to see any life other than human as an intelligence that below our own. Was […]


August 5, 2014

Aware Of Who You Are?

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