Andrea Justad serves as the President of Head First, Inc. providing coaching and expert advice for business leaders, entrepreneurs and high performing teams. Ms. Justad believes that great leaders invest in developing their people.  She has chosen a career of service, providing guidance to business leaders for over 20 years in large corporate environments as […]


October 25, 2016

Andrea Justad – Leadership EDGE

Working consciously from his personal core values, Phil trained over 4,000 individuals and Fortune 1000 management teams such as, but not limited to: Intel, Unisys, Sprint, Tony Robbins Companies, Qualcomm, AT&T , Dow Jones, Casitas De San Jose, Wells Fargo, Cushman Realty, and Red Mountain Retail Group. He is described by his clients as caring, […]


October 4, 2016

Phil Black & Noa Schecter – Teaming Up for TALA.Life

With over 25 years in fitness and martial arts training, Debbie Pickus works with groups to create the power, energy and confidence to kick every situation’s butt with your mind. Her company, Team Fireball, delivers fitness-focused team building programs, fitness coaching and other mental and physical training activities designed to facilitate employee engagement, stress reduction […]


September 27, 2016

Debbie Pickus – Team Fireball & Mental Self Defense

Born and raised in a broken home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Stephen Scoggins grew the skills needed to share God’s message. From the age of 17, Stephen acted as the head of his family, forgoing his high school education to provide for his brother and father. Over the course of his young adult years, he […]


August 9, 2016

Stephen Scoggins – Success through Healing

Arabelle Yee is the Women’s Leadership Coach who has spoken on different stages internationally and worked with thousands of women from across the globe in the areas of human behaviour, mindset and helping them start up businesses from scratch. She has been featured in major publications as well as media as an influential coach and […]


July 19, 2016

Arabelle Yee – Life in Alignment

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