Wenndi Freer – Meditation for Health, Awakening & Inspiration

FreerWenndi-426LoRes (2)Wenndi is an expert in helping people sustain their health and success through proper energy management. She teaches meditation, creating sacred space and stress management. Wenndi believes that mediation is not just about relaxation, it’s also about focus, clarity and awakening.

For a special offer on Wenndi’s 8-week online meditation course, The Simplicity of Inner Peace, please visit: http://www.wenndifreer.com/ccsoip.

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Larry Valmore – The Subconscious Mind

Larry ValmoreLawrence F. Valmore, MSW, has been teaching and coaching people for more than 40 years. Along with a friend he created a halfway house for teenage girls in trouble with the law, where he served as the counseling director. Later, after completing his Master’s degree, he worked in a family service agency where he worked with a wide variety of people but specialized in treating the effects of child sexual abuse. He was the director of a branch office of that organization, supervising the clinical work of three other therapists before going out on his own in private practice in 1990.

In 1997 he added teaching workshops to his résumé, and over the last 19 years has taught in 25 states and 15 foreign countries, being translated live into 5 languages. Typical of the comments Larry has gotten about his teaching is “I can’t imagine a better instructor of anything, anywhere.”

Larry now concentrates his coaching with small business owners, helping them discover and transform the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging mindsets that prevent them from having the larger impact and larger profit they’re working so hard to manifest. One client compared him favorably with several famous coaches with whom she’s studied.

Along the way Larry has enjoyed being a pilot and flight instructor in hot air balloons, director of a ropes course, rock climbing, horseback riding, and wilderness canoeing, among other things.

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