Kirsten Anderson’s career has always followed the fun — from helping out in her mom’s preschool, corporate beginnings in movie theatre management, to 25 years as an entrepreneur in the toy industry. She opened her own toy store, curating the best quality toys and games from around the world. Quickly she became known as Canada’s […]


June 12, 2017

Kirsten Anderson – Follow the Fun to Facilitate Success

True leaders pay it forward. This is the premise of what leadership is supposed to be and supposed to do. When we talk about leadership let’s get one thing clear. Leadership is a big word and it means a lot of things to a lot of people. In fact it means so little to some […]


June 8, 2017

Real Leaders Pay It Forward (Audio)

Jen Coken is a life coach and stand-up comedian who has coached thousands of people for nearly 20 years to go beyond their self-made limitations and produce breakthrough results. She uses humor to help her clients transition through tough times to rediscover their joy, purpose and passion.  After losing her Mom to ovarian cancer in […]


May 15, 2017

Jen Coken – Embrace the Ridiculousness of Life

Jackie Simmons has an Attitude: If you’re feeling blocked in any area of your life, it is time to “Find it, Fix it, and Get Profitable!” Being a Secret Can Suck Your Life & Your Business Down the Drain. Removing the “Cloak of Invisibility” from her business skyrocketed Jackie from Secret to Success in 7 […]


May 9, 2017

(Podcast Interview) Jackie Simmons – From Secret to Success

Gail Godreau is a Work-Life Engagement Coach, Consultant, and Speaker, and owner of Lighthouse Wellness Strategies. She works mostly with small business owners and career professionals to help them “prosper THROUGH their work (not in spite of it) and integrate it with the life that surrounds it”. She has an MBA and over 20 years […]


April 25, 2017

Gail Godreau – Work-Life Integration

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