Mary V. Augustyn is a nationally recognized speaker, an award winning Licensed Professional Counselor, a respected expert on domestic violence and a dedicated advocate of a peaceful society.  After great success as a business woman, Mary turned her attention towards domestic violence, addictions, relationships, hypnosis, Reiki healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and positive thought. Stop-Breathe-Focus is […]


November 2, 2015

Mary Augustyn – Stop Breathe Focus

Keya Murthy is Co-Author of #1 International Bestselling Book, Pebbles in the Pond: Wave Four, Transforming the World One Person at a time. She is also the author of 11 Steps to Goal Getting using the Principles of Hypnosis, NLP & Huna and Landing on the Lap of the Buddha, Simple Steps to Stop Suffering. Keya […]


October 27, 2015

Keya Murthy – Transforming the World

Frank Healy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach. He is one of about 50 people who have been classified as having Hyperthymesia by the University of California. Frank participated in their research studies because he remembers every day of his life since he was six years old. He is now 54. His […]


October 18, 2015

Frank Healy Interview – Heal Your Memory Change Your Life

Alicia Cramer is a renowned mindset expert, an author, speaker, coach, consultant, and a serial entrepreneur. Having worked with hundreds of private clients over the past several years – from startups to owners of multi-million dollar companies – Alicia has an intimate understanding of the mindset pitfalls that effect entrepreneurs. Her own struggles with depression […]


October 12, 2015

Alicia Cramer – The Mindset Expert

Harold Littlejohn is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years experience helping businesses grow. He is the owner of a successful accounting practice and a professor of Taxation. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Chico and his Juris Doctor degree from Cal Northern School of Law. Born in Berkeley, […]


September 28, 2015

Harold Littlejohn – Miracle Business Method

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