Dani Weiss is a personal trainer and Body Builder that has won many accolades on the Women’s Bodybuilding circuit. In the process Dani discovered that she was literally killing parts of her body and became very ill in the process. Hear her fascinating story of health transformation without sacrificing the body sculpting she loves so […]


January 5, 2016

Dani Weiss – The Truth About Being Vegan

Sebastien Gendry is an international expert in wellness and wellbeing with over 11 years of full-time experience teaching and training 1,000s of people on four continents. He is the creator of Laughter Wellness, a new form of lifestyle medicine that offers valid, sustainable and reliable tools to unlock the many healing benefits of laughter and exponentially improve […]


December 1, 2015

Sebastien Gendry – The Laughter Wellness Guy

Lauren Jawno is a sought after internationally Certified High Performance Coaches in the personal and professional development space. Executives, business owners, organizational teams and even athletes seek her out in order to gain clarity, identify and get past roadblocks and blind spots, and achieve new levels of awareness and accomplishment in the 6 essential areas of success: […]


November 24, 2015

Lauren Jawno – International Certified High Performance Coach

As a motivational speaker, published author, certified wellness coach and person living with MS, Barbara Appelbaum of Appelbaum Wellness is inspiring hope through mindful health and a meaningful life. By combining healthy living, spirituality, and neuroscience principles, she helps people understand how to be proactive in their health care versus reactionary in their sick care, […]


November 16, 2015

Barbara B. Appelbaum – Be Present. Be Purposful. Be Well.

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo is a textile artist and caretaker of a sacred Tibetan tradition of fabric art. She stitches bits of silk into elaborate figurative mosaics that bring the transformative images of Buddhist meditation to life. She calls her work ‘Threads of Awakening’ and encourages people to follow the threads of connection and joy in their own lives. Trained in […]


November 10, 2015

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo – Threads of Awakening

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